2022 - 120 million views later

December 15, 2022
Miguel Benitez

Our passion is always to simplify complex data. Since day one, the forefront of this has been our app. We help retail investors shorten their investment research time to mere minutes with our stock research framework. With thousands of stocks and funds in our database and new features added regularly, we ended 2021 on a solid foundation. 

We started 2022 by continuing our work – improving our app infrastructure, updating stock and fund collections, overhauling the portfolios section just to name a few. Meanwhile, we also started looking outward – other opportunities not limited to a mobile app, that we could work on in tandem. 

Our social channels took off as we made Tiktoks of the tech crash in the early months of the year, and we started writing in-depth analyses of lesser-known stocks for our blog. We also pushed out a web version of the app, and even started ranking cryptocurrencies!

The core principle is always to try new things, and adapt quickly. We double down on things that do well, and shelve things that don’t. The best learning comes from actions and experiments, not excessive strategies or analysis. 

The major breakthrough came halfway through the year – our experiment into data visualisation. In June, the first chart on UK inflation was created as the first issue of our new-look newsletter. More charts were created and posted on our socials as we focused more and more of our attention to data visualisation. A few hundred upvotes on Reddit, a few retweets and likes – progress was slow, but it was progress. We constantly refined and redesigned, making use of programs like Figma and Tableau to streamline our chart creation process.

In July, our first Sankey was created to visualise Apple’s income statement, and we surpassed our first million views overall (less than a month in!). What happened next felt like a long time ago in history. 25 million views came in August, and our first sponsored newsletter went out at the start of September. We quickly realised that while there was a wealth of financial data to visualise, there were so many other areas that we could cover as well. Geography, sports, environment – an almost limitless supply of data.

Our Reddit account quickly surpassed other channels as the most successful, as we regularly received tens of thousands of upvotes and millions of views on single posts – and can you believe it, one of our best-performing charts ever was made on a whim in 2 minutes. Many comments on our socials praised the simplicity and ease of understanding of our charts and wondered how they could create charts of their own. October brought yet another success – the release of our first Figma plugin. Multiple plugins later, thousands of people are using our tools to visualise their data the way that we do.

It's now the end of 2022, and we are proud to say that our charts have gathered more than 120 million views and all of these happened only since this June!

As we welcome in 2023, our passion remains the same – to simplify complex data. The world needs a better way to tell stories and spread creativity. Data visualisation is the way to go. The world needs a Wikipedia, in charts! And we’re here to make that happen. 

If you’d love to be a part of this revolution, in whichever way, get in touch and let’s chat! 

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