January 15, 2020

Genuine Impact: launching our new app for long term investors

Genuine Impact: launching our new app for long term investors

We started Genuine Impact just over a year ago with a simple goal: to enable long term investors to go beyond their potential and make better investments. The app is a collection of useful investment research tools.

The first version of our app was released in April 2019, it was a test run for two parts of the service - Rankings and Insights - but it wasn't very polished or particularly easy to use.

Today we've launched our brand new app, it's completely redesigned and we've added over 30 new features.

It's free to download -

Everyone who creates an account will have 14 days to try our premium features before you decide whether to subscribe and keep your access to them. If you're not yet ready to subscribe, you'll still be able to check security's key rankings and read the reports in the Insights tab.

We cover 3 critical stages of investment research and nothing else: discover, analyse and monitor.

There are over 50,000 stocks and 200,000 funds globally, the first step is to choose what to focus on. Using our filters or ready made Collections, you can narrow down the universe to "show me only the ETFs that invest in US tech sector and sort them by their return rankings", or "give me a list of consumer stocks listed in UK and order them by their quality rankings".

What gives people more confidence about their investments? We need efficient and accurate tools for analysis. There is a serious issue of information overload: lots of data, lots of news and lots of opinions. What's lacking? A consistent, structured and repeatable process, one that can be applied to almost every stock and fund. This is why our Scorecard exists.

The last stage is to monitor investments with ease. It should be straightforward to review your investments and see where you can enhance your portfolio. We have 3 exciting features that're focused on this: Watchlist, Insights and Portfolio. Watchlist and Insights are live in the app today. Portfolio is coming soon.

To help you get started, we're inviting every customer to arrange a 15 minute tour of the app, which you can book here. Whenever you have questions it's easy to contact team by starting a chat conversation in the app.

It's important that we focus our efforts on building a specific service. Investing for the long term, in public companies and funds, is one of the best ways to grow your savings. That's what we're concentrating on, rather than short term trading or cryptocurrencies.

This is just the end of the beginning and we'll carry on developing Genuine Impact based on your feedback. Share your ideas or thoughts about the latest investing news with the community.

Truman Du

Truman Du

CEO and Co-Founder

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