October 3, 2019

A New Look For Genuine Impact

A New Look For Genuine Impact

Hello, New Look

Today we’re announcing our new logo and brand identity!

Where we began

Before the big reveal, I’d like to take a moment to share the story behind the changes.

The current brand colour came about quite randomly. I started to sketch out our app wireframes back in the summer of 2018. It was on this notebook.

And guess what, the colour of that notebook was…

When it came to the logo, we simply wanted to have it reflect our company name. Hence we arrived at…

What does it symbolise

Not much really! We didn’t pay too much attention to the logo and the colour since we were focusing on product features when we started the company. We decided to pramatically neglect the logo and the colour until this point.

What the new logo represents

We wanted the logo to illustrate what we want to help our customers achieve.

Our functional link with our customers is to bring them tools to help them make investments for the long term, efficiently. Using our services, our customers are empowered to make investment decisions themselves. We want our customers to be more informed, confident and insightful.

The emotional link with our customers is to have a trustworthy and empathetic relationship. We will have ups and downs along the way. We will be transparent about our plans and how we do things.

New look!

We’re emphasising three elements here.

“More insight” is what we want to deliver for our customers. It is the central logic of our product design and development. That’s why we’ve placed the “eye” in the center of the icon.

“Achieving Alpha” (in other words, outperformance) is another important element for our customers. After all, “making better returns” is what many people care about after becoming “more insightful”. So we’ve incorporated the Greek letter α into the design.

“G” and “I” inside our company name “Genuine Impact” are something we want to keep. So we used a bit of typology to morph the letter “G” and “I” into “α”.

And now for our new colour scheme.

Our main colour is:

It represents a sense of calm. Investing can feel complex and scary but it really shouldn’t. We want our customers to be comfortable, confident and thoughtful by focusing on what really matters in the long term.

At the same time, we are adopting a series of complementary colours for some specific features in our upcoming new app. Here are some exciting sneak peeks!

These are the colours that go into our stock section.

And these are the colours that go into our fund section.

They are not randomly chosen. Investing in stocks can be much more riskier than in funds, as funds are typically more diversified. This is why we attach more “risk-taking” colours to stocks, and the colours for funds are more emotionless and almost “old-school”.

Our first slogan

We want to enable you to:

Go Beyond Your Potential

I like to “keep it simple”. So we came up with this simple slogan that guides us in everything we do. Something we’ll especially need as we grow, to make sure that we don’t forget why we are doing what we do. It drives us forward to best serve our customers. We’d also hope that our customers will feel the same: with our help, they can go beyond their potential.

What this means for our future

What we want to achieve will never change. We’ll create best-in-class research tools that provide long term insights to aid our customers’ investment decision-making. However, the look and feel of things such as logo may well evolve.

Going forwards, we will keep improving. As our customers always expect us to do: go beyond your potential!

Truman Du

Truman Du

CEO and Co-Founder

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